About us

The Center for Cognitive Computation (CCC) at the Central European University (CEU) promotes interdisciplinary research investigating the computational and neurobiological bases of human and animal cognition with the tools of formal mathematical models. We apply methods and theoretical frameworks from statistics, computers science, and decision theory to build models of perceptual and higher cognitive functions of the brain. We use biologically grounded and computationally feasible approaches that can help understanding and reproducing intelligent behavior and learning.

The Center consists of faculty members of CEU and other institutes, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students affiliated with the PhD program of the Department of Cognitive Science and other programs in Budapest and at the University of Cambridge, UK, as well as visiting students, researchers, and professors from other institutions. The Center also hosts colloquium talks within the Colloquium Series of the Department of Cognitive Science and the Budapest Computational Neuroscience Forum. Through its activity, the Center provides a focal point for research combining theoretical and empirical investigations of human and animal intelligence.

Organization of CCC

The Center consists of four main laboratories: