Márton Hajnal

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+36-1-392 2222

Márton graduated as an M.D. at Semmelweis University (SE), and with an M.Sc. in Physics at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest.

His undergraduate work was about experimental measurements and analysis of complex spatial and temporal patterns in the brain microcirculation at the András Eke Lab, Institute of Clinical Experimental Research, SE. At ELTE, he started working in the Neural Information Processing Group (NIPG) of András Lőrincz, on information capacity of recurrent neural networks. He was also principal investigator for a large epidemiology study of cancers in low dose of environmental radiation at the RAD Lab, and OKK OSKI.

His PhD research at NIPG continued on information exchange and capacity of neurons and microcircuits, with models ranging from molecular through biophysical to functional scope. He later worked with Krisztina Szalisznyó at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Wigner RCP) on understanding the combined effect of dopamine and acetylcholine in the striatal principal cells, while he also visited several Berstein Center for Computational Neuroscience groups in this topic in Berlin and Freiburg. He is in the process of finishing his degree.

He joined CSNL of Gergő Orbán in 2018, in Wigner RCP. He is currently working on understanding population code in the visual system with experimental partners from the Peyman Golshani Lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, and Wolf Singer Lab, ESI, Frankfurt.

Márton also has decade long experience in applied research and development in various fields, such as clinical diagnosis, radiology, soil ecology, machine learning and statistics with partners in hospitals, firms, universities, environmental organizations around the globe.

He is also a musician and a trained group facilitator.

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